Neti Pot use, for Nasal problems in FM
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There has been much discussion over the common problems with allergies and sinus issues for those with FM. Most recently, even doctors are recommending a tactic that has been around in other nations for many many years and people have seen much benefit from them, which are called Neti pots.

The term Neti, has to do with the translated word meaning to wash and that is exactly what they do to the sinus cavities. They are available at most drug stores and on line. There are some possible side effects from doing the action, incorrectly. Here are some quotes from those who know them well and detailed directions on how to use them properly.

"Whereas the use of a neti pot can be extremely beneficial, there are some side effects you need to be careful of. These stem from two main matters - misuse and nasal health problems." So first the things NOT to do with them and why. Since others who are much more familer with these things, can explain it much better than I can, here you go ... things in italics, are my additions.


"It is often recommended that when first using a neti pot you obtain instruction from a qualified teacher. Many people prefer to read an instruction booklet or search for the method of use on line. Some may even just try it out with little idea of what they are supposed to be doing. 

Some Yoga centers understand that hiring a personal teacher to come to your house and offer instruction is not affordable in every case, and offer tuition in classes at their center. There are several things that can go wrong if your are not following the instructions carefully, resulting in side effects that can become serious.

One of the main misuse problems is shoving the spout of the neti pot into the nostril with too much force and pressure. The mucus membrane can become damaged, leading to infection and soreness inside the nostrils.

A second common problem originating from using your neti pot incorrectly is when not breathing through the mouth, or when sneezing, coughing or yawning whilst in the process of using the neti pot. The water then gets into cavities which become filled and difficult to empty. 

This is a bit like if you go swimming and get water lodged inside your ear. It is more difficult to empty the water from wrongful neti pot use, than an ear. This can sometimes take days to accomplish.

Using an incorrect solution can also present a problem. Warm, salty water is the only recommended liquid for use unless otherwise instructed by a qualified Medical/Yoga practitioner. Using other substances can lead to nasal damage and serious problems. Using water a little too hot or cold will only cause a minor discomfort, but using it much too hot or cold may damage the inside of your nose, leading to soreness and pain, possibly bleeding.

Remember to dry out your nasal passages after using your neti pot. If you forget this stage, water may pour out at an inopportune moment later in the day. Do not blow too hard though, or you are likely to become dizzy or light-headed."


"If you suffer from certain health problems, it is advised that you seek experienced guidance concerning use of a neti pot. These problems include: asthma, high blood pressure, migraines, chronic nose bleeds, known nasal blockages (polyps, deviated septum, etc), chronic sinusitis, and frequent ear/nose/throat infections.

If after attempting to use a neti pot you consider you may have a nasal obstruction, you should check with a doctor before trying to use it again. Trying to force the water through is not going to work in that case, only make the damage worse if there is such a blockage."

Learn more about this author, Sande Waybill.

"Neti pot is a very useful and very widely used alternative treatment for sinus problems. More and more people are facing sinus problems these days due to the increase in air pollution and due to the chemicals released from the factories. Neti pot is being recognized as the major remedy for sinus problems...."

A Neti pot is a small pot with a spout at one side and a filling opening at the top. ( it can look like a small watering can ) It is filled with warm water and a salt solution, and the spout is placed in a nostril and the water is allowed to flow into the nostril. The water comes out of the other nostril. When the water drains out of the nose it takes along any particles which cause irritation. ( see directions below on exactly how to do this )

"Practicing this daily results in maintaining healthy sinus condition. There are two types of neti pots available in the market, ceramic neti pots and plastic neti pots. Though there are no direct side effects of neti pot, however, not using it properly may cause some problems. Some of them are:

* ... irritation in the nose. The major reasons for this irritation is not cleaning the pot properly. ( left over salt that has gathered dust and other contaminates ) To avoid this situation, one has to clean the pot more often. You have to clean it in hot water and you can use sanitizers for this. Besides this, you have to use clean water. If you don't have clean water, it is better to buy mineral water or distilled water for use or cleaning..

* It is better not to use neti pot when you have cold or running nose. ( Using one after you are over the cold however, is recommended ) The nose may be blocked and this makes the passage of water through the nose a bit difficult. Though not many people face this problem and it would be not be a problem at all in some people, you have to stop doing this if you face the slightest problem....

* Ears have direct connection with nose. So, don't use neti pot when you have an ear pain or any irritation in ears. Though there may not be a major problem if performed, it is not much advised."

Learn more about this author, Sri Harsha

How to use a Neti pot properly:

"Run the water in your sink until it runs warm. Using water that's too cold will be quite a shock, and water that's too hot can damage delicate sinus tissues. Test a splash of water on the inside of your wrist, as you'd test a baby bottle.

Step 2

      Fill your neti pot with the warm water.

Step 3

      Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the neti pot, and agitate until the salt is completely dissolved. ( * special fine grain salts are sold for this use )

Step 4

      Stand at your sink, leaning forward at the hip so that your head and shoulders are positioned over the basin.
Step 5

      Tilt your head to the left.

Step 6

      Tilt your head slightly forward (maintaining the leftward tilt).

Step 7

      Raise the neti pot, and place the spout to or just inside your right nostril (don't go in too deep... you only need it just inside the opening).

Step 8

      Breathe through your mouth, and relax.

 Step 9

      Raise the end of the neti pot slowly, allowing the warm water to flow into your right nostril, through the sinuses, and out through your left nostril.  At first, you will feel a strange, tickling sensation akin to when you accidentally sniff in a little water at the pool. This sensation will go away.

Step 10

      Use half of your liquid, then remove the neti pot from your right nostril

Step 11

      Tilt your head to the right this time (remembering to tilt the head forward as well).

Step 12

      Put the neti pot to your left nostril, and repeat the process until the neti pot is empty.
Step 13

      You will most likely need to blow your nose afterwards. Do not be surprised if there is a large amount of mucus when you do this.

Tips & Warnings:

As soon as you've finished, wash and thoroughly dry your neti pot. Always be sure to maintain the forward-tilt of your head. If you do not, the water will not run out through the opposite nostril. It will instead run down your throat."

By Cyn Vela 

As with all self administered treatments, use at your own risk, please read all directions that come with your Neti device, carefully.