Don't try and tell me
I have no right to complain
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Keep a Positive outlook, it's what they all claim
It's good for us, of that I will freely admit
However, the next person who tells me
I have to deny reality, and never ever complain
Is gonna land in a deep pile of it

Speak of only the good they say
and never let words of pain past my lips
As if the cry of pain forced past my clenched teeth
Is somehow giving an offense

To speak of the reality is morbid they say
that I am looking for sympathy or pity
To them I say, live life in my place for just one day,
and see if you can keep forever closed your lips

For you see, if I did indeed complain my day away
As so many so pridefuly proclaim
My mouth would fall open the moment I opened my eyes
and never fall shut again

Does it help to vent my hurts and my pains ?
Yes it does, on occasion, to those who understand
To know I am not alone, is what gives me the will to stand

So if once in a while in your hearing, I moan or sigh in my pain
I say to you, until you have walked a mile in my shoes
don't even Try to tell me, I have no right to complain