A letter to Fibromyalgia critics
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To those who come to criticize

To those who come to criticize:

I had a man leave a message on my guest book one day, having read my page on FM on another site, that said to me in short, that FM was not real. That he felt everything I had listed, on any given day of the week. And that he was told it was "just old injuries" having been off work for some Mts. due to a work related injury and that he would "just have to live with it".

Which, up to this point he was just expressing what is a very a common, if erroneous opinion. However, he went on and said ... that I should do as he did and just go back to work, because, as he was apparently told I surmise ... that you "can't just sit on your butt forever".

To that man and anyone like him, I say this. If you have pain like mine everyday and ignore it, you are a fool who is just doing yourself more damage in your ignorance. If you have let someone convince you that your pain is somehow normal and that it is just the "price of life", that you should just "buck up" and bear it , you are doubly a fool. As whoever told you that, lied to you. Pain is not normal and they should be ashamed of themselves for saying such a thing to you. We won't even get into how you just insulted a total stranger, whose life or actions, you know nothing about.

In short, our lives are complex enough, without having to put up with critics.

We, with FM, know our pain is real and that the problems it creates, are real. And there is ample medical proof of it. So, if you have any other opinion, please keep it to yourself. If you have real, useful information to share, by all means, let us know ... but if all you want to do, is make our lives more difficult ?

We will pass, thank you.