Life story of Brandy
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First Name: Brandy

Male or Female? Female

When were you diagnosed ? January 2008

How long did it take to get a diagnosis ? One year

Your age at the onset of symptoms, appox? 17

What were your first symptoms? My legs went numb while I was sleeping and when I woke up to get out of bed I fell to the floor and had no feeling in them for about 15 minutes and it did this repeatedly, then I began losing sleep and hurting all over.

What are your current symptoms? Muscle pain all over, weakness, fatigue, memory loss, poor concentration, insomnia, headaches, severe muscle spasms.

Other clinically diagnosed conditions ? Endometriosis, IBS, ovarian cysts.

Are you still working? yes 

What line of work? Customer service and attending college for Psychology.

Are you disabled from Fibromyalgia? Many tasks are very complicated for me now, but I fight through it and push on, so I don't have 100% disability from anything at this point. 

Have you filed for disability? No

Any prior injuries or trauma? No

Major illnesses ? No, just the ones listed above.

Does exercise help? and if so, what kind ? Some mild stretching and mild exercising. I cannot do much anymore. I was once a very athletic woman, now I am only a shell of what I used to be.

Have you ever have a long lasting virus? No

How has FM affected your life? It has affected every aspect of my life: my ability to concentrate on school work, my ability to work a job without major pain, I sleep horribly every night, I'm in pain all day, everyday, I get very angry and depressed, resulting in me and my boyfriend fighting. No one understands anything about my problems, I can't remember anything anymore, I feel worthless and hopeless all the time.

What makes symptoms worse? Stress is the biggest one. Also a lot of physical exhaustion and the weather. 

What makes you feel better? Stretching, massages, hot baths, and when my sleeping pills work, they do. 

Been admitted to a hospital for pain? No I refuse to go to the hospital because of fibro pain, that makes me feel weak. 

What remedies or medications have you tried? Stretching, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, anti-seizure (lyrica), exercising, massages

What results did the remedies have ? The only thing that seems to help is my sleeping pills sometimes if I'm lucky, mass doses of muscle relaxers, stretching, and massages.

Comments: To those of you who are lucky enough to live day to day with no pain and nothing keeping you from doing your routines in this life, you need to be very grateful and try to have a little more open mindedness and respect for those of us that can't. Treasure everyday you have that you do not feel pain, for there are those out there that feel it all day, everyday; I know that is a hard concept to wrap your mind around, but it is very true. Just remember: Just because you cannot physically see that a person is in pain, doesn't mean that they aren't tormented on the inside.

Used with Permission