Life story of Lauren, A teen with FM
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Note from  Lauren
I found your FM site earlier today - I have fibromyalgia. I wanted to add my own life story because I'm only 15 years old and I want other younger people to know that it happens to us, too.

Good luck with everything, and thanks for making this site,

Male or Female?

When were you diagnosed?
2010 - I was initially very happy because I had undergone tests for arthritis and scoliosis, so finding out that I could fix this problem was exciting. Now, several months later, I just wish I could be normal...

How long did it take to get a diagnosis?
Several years - my feet have hurt since forever, so at age 10/11 I saw foot specialists, then my pain started going up my legs and into my back so at age 13/14 we started looking for something else that could be causing the other pains, and after several tests, nothing could be found so they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia

Your age at the onset of symptoms, apox?
Very young.

What were your first symptoms?
At age 6, extremely sensitive to being poked

What are your current symptoms?
Horrible menstrual cramps; pain down spine, hips, legs, and feet; headaches; fatigue; inability to concentrate on homework (and not caring about school); dizziness upon standing; balance issues; hypersensitivity; double-jointedness

Other clinically diagnosed conditions? depression

Are you still working? ...sure?

What line of work? student in high school

Are you disabled from Fibromyalgia?
Not completely - as a 15-year-old, I have to keep going, no matter what, but on my period, I pretty much am disabled..

Have you filed for disability? no

What results from the filing? n/a

Any prior injuries or trauma? Emotional trauma, but none physical that I know of

Major illnesses? depression

Does exercise help? and if so, what kind?
I don’t exercise because it makes me feel worse, at least while I’m exercising. I need to try different methods, though, no matter how much I hate exercise

Have you ever have a long lasting virus? no

How has FM affected your life? Daily pain, headaches, depression, easily annoyed-angered

What makes symptoms worse? My period

What makes you feel better? I’m not sure.

Been admitted to a hospital for pain? No

What remedies or medications have you tried? Chiropractic care, orthotics (for flat feet), birth control pills, vitamin d, other vitamins, omega-3s, cymbalta, warm showers

What results did the remedies have? 
chiropractic care - varies
orthotics - normally help my foot pain, but I think that’s it
birth control - varies: some months, my menstrual pain is very low, other months, very, very high
vitamins and omega-3s - not sure
cymbalta - still on my first few days of it
warm showers - sometimes, my pain lessens while in the shower, but goes back to “normal” - painful - afterwards

When doctors hear that I have fibromyalgia, they normally say, “But she’s so young!” which, honestly, doesn’t help. I do complain often (if I don’t, they might think that I’m not in pain anymore), but I can see that my parents, especially, are annoyed. They understand that I’m in pain, but get angry because I don’t change my eating or exercising habits. I hate nearly everything healthy and some things make my throat or mouth feel weird.

Exercising takes a lot of effort - emotionally and physically - and it makes me feel worse immediately afterwards (hypersensitivity). My parents said that they noticed that when I exercise normally, I don’t complain about pain as much later, but I don’t know. I like when people feel bad for me.... I probably shouldn’t, but it lets me know I’m loved. I feel messed up and different, but not quite alone

Used with Permission