Life story of Sara
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First Name:  Sara

Male or Female?  Female

When were you diagnosed ? 2000

How long did it take to get a diagnosis ? 3 years

Your age at the onset of symptoms, apox? 4 years old

What were your first symptoms? Horrible pain in legs

What are your current symptoms? Pain in shoulders and legs, sleepyness, mental confusion, aching, Lack of concentration/can only focus on the pain

Other clinically diagnosed conditions ? ADD and ADHD short term memory loss

Are you still working? I still go to school

What line of work? Im in high school

Are you disabled from Fibromyalgia?  Yes I can't exersice much and It's getting worse

Have you filed for disability? No

What results from the filing ? Nothing

Any prior injuries or trauma? Bit by a rotweiler

Major illnesses ? I had Swine flu. Severe Asthma

Does exercise help? Yea

and if so, what kind ? Swimming helps

Have you ever have a long lasting virus? Yes

How has FM affected your life? I try to not let it affect my life. I was diagnosed with it when I was 4 years old. But I wasn’t able to do P.E until 7th grade and I can't run because It affects my legs. I used to love exploring, now I just read and write.

What makes symptoms worse? Stress, carrying heavy items, cold, if I walk to much

What makes you feel better? Sleeping

Been admitted to a hospital for pain? No. My mom tells me to suck it up.

What remedies or medications have you tried? I haven’t tried anything. My doctor told me I was to young to take any medicaton for this.

What results did the remedies have ? Being warm helps

Comments Im only 15 years old and I have had this since I was 4. People don’t belive that I have it because it's commonly found in adults, It's hard to go to school every day and walk up and down stairs. I miss a lot of school because of the pain. I guess you could say the thing that keeps me going are my friends. 

Used with Permission