Letter from Felicia, a Woman with FM
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First Name: Felicia

Male or Female? Female
When were you diagnosed ? 2012
How long did it take to get a diagnosis ? Same day
Your age at the onset of symptoms, appox? 48
What were your first symptoms? Pain all over, like the flu
What are your current symptoms? Pain in every muscle,always tired and sleepy
Other clinically diagnosed conditions ? Osteoarthritis, RA
Are you still working? No
What line of work? Server
Are you disabled from Fibromyalgia? Yes
Have you filed for disability? Yes
What results from the filing ? Denied
Any prior injuries or trauma? Yes
Major illnesses ? No
Does exercise help? And if so, what kind ? No
Have you ever have a long lasting virus? No
How has FM affected your life? Can't do house work like I used to, can't sleep, eat
What makes symptoms worse? Weather, standing or sitting
What makes you feel better? Nothing
Been admitted to a hospital for pain? No
What remedies or medications have you tried? Herb's, Cymbalta
What results did the remedies have ? Some but had to go on Gabapentin and Flexeril                                                                           
You have my permission to use my story. Thanks Felicia

Used with Permission