Life story of Michele
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"First Name: Michele

Male or Female? Female

When were you diagnosed ? 1995

How long did it take to get a diagnosis ? 1 year

Your age at the onset of symptoms apox? 35

What were your first symptoms? PAIN in my back

What are your current symptoms? aching, sleeplessness, tenderness all over, mental confusion, all increased with stress

Other Clinically diagnosed conditions ? Bipolar 2, Stenosis in back, Degenerative Disc Disease, hypoglycemia

Are you still working? no

What line of work? Social Services

Are you disabled from Fibromyalgia? In addition to other issues, yes

Have you filed for disability? Yes

What results from the filing ? Receiving Social Security

Any prior injuries or trauma? I have post traumatic Fibro, brought on by a work injury that caused the need for 3 surgeries, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. I have been battered, abused, had 10 pregnancies - 5 births, one traumatic miscarriage in addition to 4 others, I have also had the RNY Bariatric surgery

Major illnesses ? None

Does exercise help? and if so, what kind ? Stretching - gently

Have you ever have a long lasting virus? No

How has fibro affected your life? HA HA! It has heightened all my pain - which is significant. It has made me hyper-aware of my stress levels as this causes a severe jump to my pain levels, It has kept me from being able to handle normal life on most levels as the slightest stress causes me to get confused and to hurt.

What makes symptoms worse? STRESS,

What makes you feel better? Meditation, and Morphine (sounds like a good title for a song)

Been admitted to a hospital for pain? Yes

What remedies or meds have you tried? Internal Morphine Pump, oral meds of all types, vicodin, morphine, UNSAID, Soma, Flexural, all the usual pain meds, and now Mobic and Baclofin

What results did the remedies have ? The internal pump has been the only thing that has helped without making me lose what brains the drugs leave me."

Bless you for this undertaking!

Used with Permission