A Thief came to my house today
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A thief visited my house today

and stole a most precious thing away

He tired to take away my dreams
and give me uncertainty in its place
But I've learned that tomorrow is promised to none
so I accept that uncertainty is a part of life's pace

He took away my proud walk
and left me a shuffling gait
But he will never stop me from going forward
Even if I have crawl to get there

He took my blessed sleep
and left me painful wakeful hours
So I use them to create beauty in art and prose
and fulfill long forgotten dreams

He took my memory
and left me with blankness
I've learned what a post it note is for
and that its ok if my recall is not perfect

He took my body that could dance all night
and left me one that can't dance anymore
But he will never stop the dance of my spirit

He took away most chances for a mate
As most mates can not live
with the now damaged shell
I've learned that real love, comes from
one who loves me, not my form

He tired to take away my dignity too
but I will as soon see him rot in hell
before I give him that satisfaction

He took my blissful ignorance
and left me starring cold hard reality in the face
and it has made me stronger

He took away a million and one little things,
I did without thought and left me a life where
I have to think to do any of them at all
Which has made me appreciate the
little things that make up our lives

He took from me my Health
but he cannot take my soul
He cannot have my spirit
As I will never give him the victory